Modelica PARallel benchmark suite (MPAR)

Modelica PARallel benchmark suite (MPAR)
Using the object-oriented, equation-based modeling language Modelica, it is possible to model and simulate computationally intensive models. To reduce the simulation time, a desirable approach is to perform the simulations on parallel multi-core platforms. For this purpose, several works have been carried out so far, the most recent one includes language enhancements with explicit parallel programing language constructs in the algorithmic parts of the Modelica language. This extension automatically generates parallel simulation code for execution on OpenCL-enabled platforms, and it has been implemented in the open-source OpenModelica environment. However, to ensure that this extension as well as future developments regarding parallel simulations of Modelica models is feasible, performing a systematic benchmarking with respect to a set of appropriate Modelica models is essential, which is the main focus of study in this work.
Modelica PARallel benchmark suite (MPAR)
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